Membership to IABC is open to all supporters of Tiger Athletics; IHS family members, students, teachers and community members.  Members are required to pay the annual membership dues to be considered active for that school year (typically Aug 1st to July 31st).  If you wish you can make an additional contribution to a particular sport.  Members for current year accepted until March 1 of the school year.

Current 2016/2017 IABC Members

Let’s build the list!

  • Brandy Hall
  • Terell Johnson
  • Curtis Chapman
  • Peggy Chapman
  • Paul Hironaka
  • Patricia Lewis Brown
  • Bruce Carlton
  • Heather Dunn Carlton
  • Scott Williams
  • Jessica Willaims
  • Scott Filiau
  • Jonna Filiau
  • John A. Knowles
  • Kim Rios
  • Sandy Rosemont
  • Linda Ramos

  • Lori Getchel
  • Diane Roberts
  • Alex Alcantar
  • Tuija Alcantar
  • Diana Verceluz
  • Jason Walker
  • Laura Prisser
  • Eric Prisser
  • Myesha Ford
  • Donna Davis
  • Tristan Godt
  • Camille Fisher
  • Art Guerra
  • Jacob McBurney

 Learn how to become a member HERE.