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Thank you for your sponsorship of Inderkum Athletics.  Please complete the following form and then mail payment to address shown below.

Thank you for supporting Inderkum's Athletic Programs..

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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Remember, sponsorship will follow the school and athletic calendar, which typically runs August through May. You are welcome to support other sports/clubs – just contact us.  If you prefer, you may download this Sponsorship Enrollment Form and include with your payment.

Please make checks payable to Inderkum Athletic Booster Club and send to:

[one_half last=”no”][colored_box color=”yellow”]Inderkum Athletic Booster Club
PO Box 348002
Sacramento, CA  95834[/colored_box] [/one_half]

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  • View different sponsorship levels HERE.
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  • Still have questions?  EMAIL US.
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